Business Perceptions of State and Local Government Regulation

March 31, 2015

James Franko, Vice President and Policy Director of Kansas Policy Institute, talks about a newly-released study titled "Business Perceptions of the Economic Impact of State and Local Government Regulation." The study, prepared for KPI by the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs at Wichita State University, collected and analyzed information about the perceptions and attitudes of businesses in the metro Wichita area about state and local government regulation.


Patrick Parkes talks about Medicaid expansion and Obamacare in Kansas

March 17, 2015

Kansas residents who are already paying more for health insurance will also pay much more to fund an expansion of Medicaid. Patrick Parkes, a fiscal policy analyst at the Kansas Policy Institute, talks about research KPI and other organizations have done into the costs and outcomes of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act popularly known as ObamaCare.


Legislature Considers Changes to School Funding Formula

March 11, 2015

Dave Trabert, president of Kansas Policy Institute, talks about the state's K-12 school funding formula. The Kansas Legislature is considering block-grant funding schools for the next two years while they take a deliberative look at rewriting the formula.


Kansas K-12 schools carryover cash reserves

March 2, 2015

Kansas school districts have been accumulating unspent taxpayer funds even as they call for increased funding. Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert talks with podcast host Paul Soutar about these funds, how they got there, what they mean to the debate over the school funding formula and what the Legislature can do about it.


Steve Anderson on healing the Kansas budget

February 11, 2015

Steve Anderson, budget director for three years under Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, talks about billions of dollars that are collected and spent by the state that don't show up in the budget citizens see. According to Anderson the budgeting process needs to be more transparent so citizens can see the large sums of money collected from taxpayers that are carried over year after year instead of being put to use. There's plenty to fix the budget shortfall in the news recently, Anderson says.


School Choice in Kansas

February 9, 2015

Pastor Wade Moore and James Franko discuss the need for and benefits of school choice and what's happening with school choice in Kansas. Moore, pastor at the Christian Faith Center, opened the Urban Prepratory Academy, a private school, in Wichita last year, to offer an alternative learning experience. Moore talks about his desire to start a public charter school and his experience with the restrictive school choice laws in Kansas. Franko is the vice president and policy director at the Kansas Policy Institute.


Kansas court rulings on K-12 education

January 26, 2015

Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert talks about recent rulings by Kansas courts on K-12 education funding. A district court ruling in December may have ignored a State Supreme Court ruling in March.


Inaugural KPI podcast with Dave Trabert

January 19, 2015

Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert talks about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's State of the State address and budget proposal on KPI's first podcast. Funding for K-12 education and the KPERS retirement system are also discussed.